Multi-Colored Roses

A beautiful red rose with orange/yellow highlights

Roses come in many different colors, so why limit yourself to just one?  While one color might be good for a specific occasion, multi-colored roses are perfect for all occasions!  Want to express both pride (orange) and love (red)?  Give a rose that contains hints of both, or even a bouquet!

Not sure what each color means?  Here’s a quick primer: Red signifies love and passion.  Pink, also known as a “less serious red” signifies admiration, grace, elegance, and poetic romance.  Orange can signify pride, amazement, excitement, passion, and desire, among other emotions.  Yellow is a great “friendship” color, but can also be used to express sympathy.

A bouquet of multi-colored roses

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, loyalty, and everlasting love.  It’s no wonder they’re often given to the bride on her wedding day.  However, rose colors are very versatile, and no one color has one specific meaning.  Furthermore, there are many different colors of roses – many more than are mentioned here!  Besides, all the meanings, emotions, and colors blend together.  So choose roses based on what you think of their beauty, not just what tradition says.

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