Black Roses

Black roses are truly a thing of beauty. They can express a variety of meanings, and have deep symbolism due to their dark, mysterious color. They are commonly associated with black magic, anarchy, and witchcraft. However, they can also be used to convey rebirth or to express profound love (due to their rarity). Unfortunately, true black roses do not occur in nature. This is probably because no bee would want to fly into a black rose. Kidding! Ok, I honestly don’t know why we don’t have black roses. Regardless, there are some great alternatives out there:

True Black Roses

These are made by injecting black dye it the stem of a (typically) red rose.  The tint will not rub off the petal, however if a stem or petal is cut it can stain clothes, so be careful using them at formal events.  These are the closest thing to a truly black rose.

Baccara Black Rose

These are the closest you will get to a natural black rose.  They are darkest before they bloom, and open to a deep dark red color, with hints of dark blue.  A burgondy/blackberry/blueberry mix of colors, if you will.  They look deceptively black, especially when viewed under low light.  Baccara roses are unique in that they don’t have a flowery smell.  However, the gene that gives roses their botanical smell also takes away from their shelf life.  Because of this, Baccara roses will last a very long time in a vase.

Black Magic Rose

Black Magic roses are another natural rose of the hybrid tea variety.  They have a deep, velvety red color and are highly sought after for weddings and bridal showers.  Not quite as black as the Baccara but still extremely beautiful.

When to Give a Black Rose?

Black roses can be great for Halloween or other types of scary parties. They can also go well with black tie events, as a gift to someone interested in Gothic culture, or even to someone whose favorite color is black. A great way to give black roses is to mix them in with other colors, that way the black will contrast nicely with the lighter, more flowery colors. No matter what the occasion, black roses will be sure to make a beautiful and interesting gift.

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